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  • 'Till Then

    I still remember the time when you were right here beside me
    You were looking at me with that look of love in your eyes
    Sometimes I wish you can choose the moments in your life,
    press PAUSE and REPEAT through infinity
    Moments when you were just... happy.
    I miss you...
    Every day it's getting tougher and tougher to hold on
    To remain strong and keep the faith
    To reminisce that memory of us when
    we held hands watching the sunset
    Or that deep conversation we shared about life at the balcony
    Or the kiss that had long lingered still on my mind
    And things slowly get lost in a blur
    I want you...
    Right now. Right here.
    I wish I could say with confidence that I'm the best for you
    Like how you have always thought me to be
    But I can never be perfect
    And still you have loved me.
    I love you...
    Until now I still get overwhelmed
    with the intensity of emotions it entails
    With the immensity of life it takes from us
    With the measure of time it takes and never gives back
    Still, it didn't stop us from betting on the bigger world before us
    The world that promises haven for us two
    Until we meet again,
    and the longer I can have you.