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  • The Da Vinci Code - a certified hit!

    I was really grateful when my friend, Deanne, finally lent me her book - The Da Vinci Code by Dan Brown. It costs almost $ 8 – more or less 400 in pesos. Since she’s the only one in our class who has that book, and I believe it is sold out already, most of our classmates literally “fall in line” to borrow it from her to be able to read the book. And they would end up talking about how fascinating the book really is.

    The book tells about a murder of the four senelauch of a secret organization, Priory of Sion, who were the keepers of the greatest secret in the world there is – the location of the most coveted “Holy Grail”, and Sophie’s quest to unveil the secrets about her family that had long been kept. With Robert Langdon being mistaken guilty of Jacques Sauniere’s murder, Sophie’s grandfather and held under observation by agent Fache , Sophie found herself fleeing inevitably with Robert – brought together by Sophie’s grandfather’s last encoded message: PS: Find Robert Langdon
    With Robert Langdon’s knowledge of symbology and Sophie’s expertise with cryptography and code-breaking, together they began the quest to uncover “The Da Vinci Code”.

    Well, I’d be spoiling the entire thrill if I’d tell the whole story right away. And those who have read the book already, I believe, know just how great the book truly is. It’s an exceptional work of art. A first of Dan Brown’s books – a series of Robert Langdon mystery. His other books include: Angels and Demons, Deception Point and Digital Fortress , all comparatively well-researched. I think Columbia Pictures are now currently working on the “big screen” version of the book that will be starred by the acclaimed Hollywood superstar Tom Hanks.

    Though it is a novel, and I believe, falls under the category of fiction , I find most of the topics discussed on it are of pure facts (and pointed out by the author himself). I guess only the characters are fictitious but the rest – the setting, the issues discussed et cetera are true. Indeed they are.

    Hmmm… instead of babbling all about it… I’ll just let you hear about it straight from the author himself on his personal website >>> DAN BROWN
    The site also provides a picture of the author and actual images of the setting of the story, at the “Da Vinci Code Gallery”. I hope you wouldn’t try to take a peek if you haven’t read the book yet. Gah, you’d miss all the fun! Imagination is a big thing. ^_^

    Also, if you really are one hell of The Da Vinci Code fanatic, you would want to try their WEB QUEST and test your skills in puzzle-solving and code-breaking! However, there is an older version of that quest – THE ORIGINAL DA VINCI CODE QUEST that offers as much fun!
    The quest is pretty head-rocking ya’ know… so I’m giving out a helping hand… well, not quite.

    But wait!!!! (don’t check the succeeding site unless you really feel hopeless already because I ASSURE YOU the quest is not that darn easy! Somehow I was stuck in the middle, unable to unbreak the code for the last gate… he he) Well, somebody has so excellently broke the code for the two quests!!! ALL HAIL!! and offered the LIST OF ANSWERS to the quests.

    But then, try to answer it first! Test your wits! It’s fun, trust me, and really intriguing and mind-boggling or should I say,,, mind-squeezing?? Haha! Good luck ya’ll folks!

    So now I will leave you guys with this quote that I’ve read from my Speech Communication book which most aptly adapts the whole point of the book regarding the bible controversies and the anomalies of the Roman Catholic Church as pinpointed in the story…

    “What you do speaks so loud, I can’t hear what you say”

    ‘Till then! Dan Brown rules! Two thumbs up!! Astig! m/