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It was the longest.. and the most painful thing I had to go through.

My friends are amazed how I am able to pull it through

No one has the faintest idea how much it took toll on me

To watch the man that you love slowly pull away

Little by little each day

His eyes grow more sadness than flame

He lost the passion, he seized to care

Now nothing but my heart and I are here to stay.

I had to pretend nothing's wrong

I could only cry in my sleep

I had to suffer in silence

I had to go through each day acting like it didn't cut me so deep.

I love him. So much. Like the words could barely measure up.

I loved him with all the love I can give only it seems never enough.

"I'm no longer happy" was the saddest thing I ever heard from him.

And it stabbed me straight through my chest

Long before I could even protest.

I thought love is about fighting.. I thought it's about not giving up.

I thought love is not ever wanting to hurt the person you love.

I thought love is about taking risks.. taking chances..

And believing, just believing, that anything's possible.

My heart is weeping. Still.

Letting go is the hardest thing to do. Forgetting is the closest next.

I can't remember the happy times anymore.

All that was left is hurt

Immeasurable, inexplicable.. just enormous amount of pain.

Pain that's enough to make me weak and numb.

And still recognize the unfamiliar emotion I have not prepared myself for.

'Coz I thought this day would never come.

Still you said, I'm not "the one".

And just like that... you're gone.

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