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Mi Amore

I love you...
Are but three words said too much
And yet to one person it means a lot
How can three words put together equate to life itself?
Like the unparalleled beauty of the endless sky at dawn
Or the innocence of a cry of a newborn
Like the ineffable coming together of orange and purple
During sunsets as the sun kisses the abyss
Like the irreplaceable comfort you feel when a rainbow appears after each storm
Storms, of which you are uncertain when will ever stop.
I love you...
How can it take all your pain and sorrows away?
Immeasurable bliss as the right one spoke
How can it magically turn frowns into smiles..
Tears into hopes..
Moments into memories..
Sufferings into happiness..
How can it home one person both in your heart and in your mind?
Both in your present and in your future
Both in your dreams and in your realities
Both in your fears and in your fantasies..
I love you...
Are but three words said too much
And yet, they are never enough.

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