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  • Perking up my soft side

    well....this is it! haha! the day I signed in for an online blog. I won't start babbling about stuffs today coz nothing new is really happening, nothing exciting that is. The vacation is driving me nuts! why? Coz Im bored all day without nothing to do...

    Oh well.. I guess I did some things after all...

    I've finished my latest short story entitled, "Forsythia", it's basically about a lady tramp meeting a total stranger one dreary evening and then, whoops!, the magic of love... hmm, coz Im that type of writer... so hopeless romantic! So far I've already have a total of 8 english short stories, titles are as follows:
    The Call of the Sea
    Wint'ry Heart
    Solemn Whisper
    A Trip to your Heart
    Vivid Conversation
    Bittersweet Refrain
    and the latest...Forsythia

    well, I put a little twist in the 2 latest stories. The "Bittersweet Refrain" is romance in genre though I put a little touch of mystery while Forsythia is so out of this world love story, you will say.

    Anyways, if you want to check them out, you'd probably be visiting my site:

    What else did happen to me...hmm...

    I guess the "moonlight butterfly" me just found the flower of her dreams.¤¤¤