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The fallacy of "Mr. Right"

We always search for that ideal partner to be with. Someone who would match our standards of “Mr. Right.” But is there really such a thing as Mr. Right? And how do we know who is the “one”? More often than not, when we plot the search for Mr. Right, we stumble on a journey to find Mr. Perfect instead. And Mr. Perfect does not necessarily mean Mr. Right. He may seem to have it all – good looks, great personality, etc. but without that single factor we all crave for – love - it’s useless. The problem is that, before we actually get into a relationship, we already have in mind the “ideal scenario” we anticipate. We already have a pre-made “love fairytale” in our minds that once everything didn’t take place as what we had expected, we feel devastated. What we don’t realize is that, we make someone the right one for us by learning to appreciate and accept him holistically. Because we don’t actually set our standards for the ideal person whom we’re going to spend life with, but our standards adjust to what qualities our significant other posses. One incident that I find this thing about “Mr. Right” fallacious is when we get our heart broken. Our friends will say then, “stop crying, he’s not worth it. He’s not the “one” for you. Why don’t you just wait for the right one?” But then again, how can they say such things? Why do we say he’s not the right one…just because we got hurt? Or because he didn’t love us back the way we want to? Does love always have to be reciprocal? I guess…or it wouldn’t be called “love” after all. That’s why in relationships, it’s impossible to find someone who will never hurt us…we just have to go for the one who makes the pain all worth it.

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