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when you realized you've found the one...

It's quite amusing when you're with someone for quite some time and you find yourself wondering..how long am i going to stick with this person? Then you wake up all of sudden thinking why everything seems to have changed, and that something felt a lot stronger..

There are days when i'm at my lowest that i couldn't even paste a smile..that i want to get mad at him, i get so irritated of him for no apparent reason and yet, i just want to embrace him..that every mistake is a strong blade tearing you worlds apart and you get weaker every time..

There are times when i want to give up...and yet i don't want to let go.

There are times when he tells me the silliest of jokes and i find myself smiling..

There are nights when i can't sleep all just because i can't get him off my mind..

I just hugged him a minute ago and yet i already miss him..

It has just been 5 minutes when i last heard his voice and yet it seems like it was so long ago..

It's when you are together and you're always afraid for time to pass by..

It's when you speak in silence, and you just stare at his face through his eyes and he asks you why..all you say is "nothing, i just want to remember you.."

It's when he smiles and it makes you see the beauty of each coming tomorrow..

It's his grip that makes you never want to let go..

It's every moment that you lost him and you're filled with all the regrets..and one pang of guilt never leaves you and makes it all seem different..

It's when you say "I love you" and it felt like you've said all the words you could possibly say and it never seemed enough..

He's everything and so much more..

How can I love him like i've never done so before?

It's when...you look at him..and you're always afraid of losing him..and it threatens you about the uncertainty of forever and the consistency of the here and now..

How can i look at him and see something i couldn't hold up into the palms of my hands and yet i never want to lose grip of..

It's like feeling like crying even when you have nothing to cry about..

It's like you want to have all the reasons just to be with him...to be one with him..and then you'd wish the world would just stop turning..

It's like.....he's all you think about..and he's all that matters.

It's like a habit you've been trying to break and now you're just hooked..

It's like meeting someone ordinary...who turns out to be all you'll ever ask for in your life..someone who could mean so much that it hurts to think about..someone who stole you of yourself and yet you just gained anew.. someone..... just someone...

Someone i love

Like everyday's the last.....


  • Exellent ! That was the awesome post janna! Thanks for sharing your great knowledge...

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