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  • “What separates an ordinary woman from an extraordinary one? The belief that she is ordinary.” – Jody Williams

    The reason why people often find dissatisfaction with life is because they never are contented with themselves and how their life is going about. Where do we derive this discontentment? It’s because we are constantly struggling for perfection and at the same time, comparing ourselves with other people that’s why we only get frustrated because there would always be that someone who is prettier, smarter and much better than us. That is, if we believe so. But just like what the quote says, it is on how we regard ourselves that we derive the true definition of our personality. If we think we are inferior and unable to do anything nice, then the tendency is for us to live on with the belief that we are ordinary and that we are just a nobody. A thing called, “self-fulfilling prophecy.” But once we begin to have a high regard to ourselves, we discover our assets and as well as our limitations. We realize then that we are still different from other people. God made us all, though similar in general appearance as human beings, still unique in our own individual ways. There are things that we are only able to do and of which other people might find it difficult to do. It is because each and one of us has a unique shape that God has given us which means that no one else can play our role in this so-called “theater” of life for everything fits into one thing and another. Everyone has his own place. We just have to remember always that, though we may look simple, but to God, we are more than wonderful.

  • Our Frequent Visitor

    Whenever I watch this little cat climb down the stairs, there’s always a feeling of joy that comes over me. Its fur is colored white and gray, and it has this very gentle look on its face. But as delicate as it may appear, it’s so hostile that whenever I’ll approach it, it immediately run away. So there…it just comes in our house whenever it wants to. My mom and I decided to tame it by offering it food so every lunch and dinner it comes inside our house but all our attempts failed. We still don’t get to own the cute little pussycin, it always flee.

    And I wonder…how in real life it had always seemed that way. Sometimes we long to keep those things that we cannot and can never have…and that’s why we always get hurt. Like in taming our hostile visitor, sometimes, you cannot push someone to stay for good when he or she is not meant to be a permanent part of your life. People come and go into our lives but we never know who stays for real.

    Is it our fault?…for not knowing how to take care of them when they’re still there? Or is it not just meant to be? But then again, we don’t even have the slightest idea that they will ever leave. We are so comfortable that they will remain and will stay just right there when we need them. Another problem is, we don’t know how to let go…once they’ve already become a special part of our lives. But the question is, do we really have to let go?

    Sometimes I ask myself why I still have to meet people who will just leave me at the end…now that I’ve learned to cling on them for I have found the comfort and the security in them. Then I realized that one should not worry about what he or she is going to do once people step out of his/her world, but it is a matter of knowing how to keep them while they’re still there…while chances are still there for you to hold them tight so they would never have to leave.

    Love is like a butterfly; the more you chase it the more it flees. Just spread your palms and it will land when it needs to rest…

    Exactly like what the quote says, we don’t really have to be pressured with keeping people in our lives. One must realize that if you want someone to stay, give him/her room to breathe.

    They say, destiny chooses who comes into our lives but it is the heart that decides who stays inside. But what if the one our heart chose and wished to stay is not really meant for the keeping? It’s quite devastating, yes, but like what has been said before…wait.

    Patience is indeed a virtue. Once you learn to wait, you’ll figure out soon what he/she really meant in your life.

    What if I wait and nothing happens still?

    Waiting and anticipating are two exact opposite things. While waiting, you can get on with your life, do what you usually do, study etc…when you anticipate, it’s like a part of you is dwelling with false hopes.

    Don’t anticipate for the clouds to pour snow…

    Wait if there will be a snowfall.


    Don’t anticipate for the water to run dry…

    Wait until it runs dry.

    …don’t anticipate for his/her return, just wait if he/she will return…and that’s when you will know that he/she have realized that there was something he/she left on his/her way that was a great part of himself/herself…you!

    But what if such ideal scenario doesn’t happen?

    Then it really is not meant to be. When something is not meant to be…no matter what you do, no matter how hard you try…it never will. It is the time then to finally let go.

    Why do we always long for the things we can never have and are not even meant for us that we get frustrated even? It is because… why would you wish to get hold of something you already possess?


    Yes, that is life…a series of roads full of complexities and questions, and we never stop living until we figure out all the answers.

  • Who are you…the guy in my dream?

    I just woke up feeling so light from a very good sleep. Not just because for once I had a complete ten hours of sleep, haha! But it was also raining hard last night and the bed sheets felt cold and soft… and I had this strange dream. And throughout the day I just can’t control this stupid mouth of mine from smiling.
    I can’t quite recall the whole of it but all I could remember is that during my entire dream I was running with this man, our hands holding one another as he lead the way while I just follow behind. I can’t remember why we were running or where we were running from. All I know is that we are in that white and multi-storey building. As we walk and run together from one floor to another, holding each other’s hands (handcuffed sometimes, finger laced), we would see on the way all the people that I know – my classmate back in elementary, Dialyn, who didn’t pay attention when she saw me; some of my classmates during college (though I can’t tell if they were the ones I’m closest to) and…the OT freshmen? Haha! I didn’t even know why I saw them. I also saw the guys from ‘the’ fraternity that…oh well.=)
    But the guy in my dream, I never even saw his face or…did I? I dunno. As far as I can remember, he stands a couple of inches taller than me and I guess, wears black..? and all the while we were just holding hands…and I sort of feel comfortable being with him. It’s not that I have special feeling or affection with this guy…I even wonder why I hold hands with someone I don’t even know! Well, that’s just in my dream. =)
    Waking up into reality, I guess I just needed somebody…like the guy in my dream – someone who would tightly hold my hands, who would run the course with me…someone who wouldn’t abandon me no matter how many times I trip and fall and even if I am so slow…he would always look back to my direction and in the long run, he would still wait for me…our hands intertwined. I guess I need exactly someone like the guy in my dream…someone I’m comfortable with, someone who would always make me happy and make me forget everything else… somebody who would especially run the mile with me when troubles arise.
    I wanted to know the man in my dream. I want to meet him…to be with him.
    Perhaps I was just being too ‘idealistic’…when in fact, in the real world, that kind of “knight-in-shining-armor” persona no longer exists.

    *waaahhHHH,, why am I like this????? Now that I have finally agreed to myself that I would remain happy and single until the time is right for me to meet the right one!!! Oh heck…-_-;*

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  • You Know You're a Filipino

    You Know You're Filipino When....

    Your middle name is your mother's maiden name.

    Your parents call each other "Mommy" and "Daddy."

    You have uncles and aunts named "Boy," "Girlie," or "Baby."

    You have relatives whose nicknames consist of repeated syllables like "Jun-Jun," "Ling-Ling," and "Mon-Mon." Mine by the way was "Che-Che."

    You call the parents of your friends and your own parents' friends "Tito" and "Tita."

    You have four or five names.

    You greet your elders by touching their hands to your forehead.

    You always kiss your relatives on the cheek whenever you enter or leave the room.

    You follow your parents' house rules even if you are over 18.

    You live with your parents until and at times even after you're married.

    You decorate your dining room wall with a picture of the "Last Supper."

    You keep your furniture wrapped in plastic or covered with blankets.

    You have a Sto. Nino shrine in your living room.

    You have a piano that no one plays.

    You keep a tabo in your bathroom.

    You use Vicks Vapor rub as an insect repellant.

    You eat with your hands.

    You eat more than three times a day.

    You think a meal is not a meal without rice.

    You think sandwiches are snacks, not meals.

    Your dining table has a merry-go-round (lazy Susan) in the middle.

    You bring baon to work everyday.

    Your pantry is never without Spam, Vienna sausage, corned beef, and sardines.

    You love to eat daing or tuyo.

    You prop up one knee while eating.

    ou eat your meal with patis, toyo, suka, banana catsup, or bagoong.

    Your tablecloths are stained with toyo circles.

    You love sticky desserts and salty snacks.

    You eat fried Spam and hot dogs with rice.

    You eat mangoes with rice--with great GUSTO!

    You love "dirty" ice cream.

    You love to eat, yet often manage to stay slim.

    You put hot dogs in your spaghetti.

    Everything you eat is sauted in garlic, onion, and tomatoes.

    You order a "soft drink" instead of soda.

    You hang a rosary on your car's rear view mirror.

    You get together with family at a cemetery on All Saint's Day to eat, drink, and tell stories by your loved ones' graves.

    You play cards or mahjong and drink beer at funeral wakes.

    You think Christmas season begins in October and ends in January.

    Your second piece of luggage is a balikbayan box.

    You've mastered the art of packing a suitcase to double capacity.

    You collect items from airlines, hotels, and restaurants as "souvenirs."

    You feel obligated to give pasalubong to all your friends and relatives each time you return from a trip.

    You use paper foot outlines when buying shoes for friends and relatives.

    You're a fashion victim.

    You can convey 30 messages with your facial expression.

    You hold your palms together in front of you and say "excuse, excuse" when you pass in between people or in front of the TV.

    You ask for the bill at a restaurant by making a rectangle in the air.

    You cover your mouth when you laugh.

    You respond to a "Hoy!" or a "Pssst!" in a crowd.

    You'll answer "Malapit lang!"--no matter the distance--when asked how far away a place is located.

    Goldilocks is more than a fairy tale character to you.

    You refer to power interruptions as "brownouts."

    You love to use the following acronyms: CR for comfort room, DI for dance instructor, DOM for dirty old man, TNT for tago nang tago, KJ for kill joy, KSP for kulang sa pansin, OA for over-acting, TL for true love, BF for boyfriend and GF for girlfriend.

    You say "rubber shoes" instead of sneakers, "ball pen" instead of pen, "stockings" instead of pantyhose, "pampers" instead of diapers, "ref" or "prijider" instead of refrigerator, "Colgate" instead of toothpaste, "canteen" instead of cafeteria, and "open" or "close" instead of turn on or turn off (as in the lights).

    You use an umbrella for shade on hot summer days.

    You like everything imported or "state-side."

    You love ballroom dancing, bowling, pusoy, mah jong, billiards, and karaoke.

    You have a relative who is a nurse.

    When you're in a restaurant, you wipe your plate and utensils before using them.

    You can squeeze 15 passengers into your five seater car without a second thought.

    You wave a pom-pom on a stick around the food to keep the flies away.

    You always ring a doorbell twice, assuming that the first ring was not heard.

    You let the phone ring twice before answering, lest you appear overly eager.

    Your other piece of luggage is a balikbayan box.

    You use a rock to scrub yourself in the bath or shower.

    You're proud to be Filapino - and you pass these jokes on to all your Filipino friends!

    Get Your Own "You Know You're" Meme Here

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  • Antichrist issue

    Rumor has it and it was told that the bible foretold it that the next pope is an antichrist… the issue has been circulating around the world….

    Who knows whether or not it’s true..?

    I don’t believe it…neither do I believe in it.

    It’s because the world “antichrist” itself has been so misconceived by people nowadays. Or it’s because lesser number of people are reading the bible now.

    Antichrist refers to something against God…..probably the devil itself. We wouldn’t see one with horns and a tail (well, not literally)…..and where the world speaks of its evilness. The devil has the ability to imitate everything good that God has created. Hmm….scary huh? Yes it’s true. That’s why a lot of people are being mislead and confused…
    A false prophet is an antichrist. Fortune tellers and statues of saints are too…
    “Statues of saints??”, you ask.
    Well, anything that deviates our attention to God is a form of antichrist.
    So about the issue…
    The next pope is an antichrist?
    There’s a way to change that claim…
    If in his goodness we become blinded that we believe that he’s the one who give us the miracles and not God, that he’s the one who heals, gives comfort and unites people…and if we treat him like almost a god, even more than how we praise the Holy Mighty One…then he in that case he becomes a figure of antichrist and that we are commiting the biggest sin there is!

    Remember the first commandment:
    “I am the Lord thy God. Thou shalt not have strange gods before me.”

    The reason why we are lost now is because we abandon God on our way. We always think that we could make it alone. God will help us through, if we just don’t fail to seek for his assistance; amidst the perplexities and struggles we face in our everyday lives. Strengthen your faith in God….the God Almighty…the only true God there is…it’s our only salvation. For He will provide us the only truth.

    “The kingdom of God is inside you, and all around you; not in buildings of stones or statues of marbles. In strip of wood, seek and you shall find Me.”