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Antichrist issue

Rumor has it and it was told that the bible foretold it that the next pope is an antichrist… the issue has been circulating around the world….

Who knows whether or not it’s true..?

I don’t believe it…neither do I believe in it.

It’s because the world “antichrist” itself has been so misconceived by people nowadays. Or it’s because lesser number of people are reading the bible now.

Antichrist refers to something against God…..probably the devil itself. We wouldn’t see one with horns and a tail (well, not literally)…..and where the world speaks of its evilness. The devil has the ability to imitate everything good that God has created. Hmm….scary huh? Yes it’s true. That’s why a lot of people are being mislead and confused…
A false prophet is an antichrist. Fortune tellers and statues of saints are too…
“Statues of saints??”, you ask.
Well, anything that deviates our attention to God is a form of antichrist.
So about the issue…
The next pope is an antichrist?
There’s a way to change that claim…
If in his goodness we become blinded that we believe that he’s the one who give us the miracles and not God, that he’s the one who heals, gives comfort and unites people…and if we treat him like almost a god, even more than how we praise the Holy Mighty One…then he in that case he becomes a figure of antichrist and that we are commiting the biggest sin there is!

Remember the first commandment:
“I am the Lord thy God. Thou shalt not have strange gods before me.”

The reason why we are lost now is because we abandon God on our way. We always think that we could make it alone. God will help us through, if we just don’t fail to seek for his assistance; amidst the perplexities and struggles we face in our everyday lives. Strengthen your faith in God….the God Almighty…the only true God there is…it’s our only salvation. For He will provide us the only truth.

“The kingdom of God is inside you, and all around you; not in buildings of stones or statues of marbles. In strip of wood, seek and you shall find Me.”


  • Hey don't worry about it, He's prolly just busy. Don't be affected by it, let him contact you. You survived not seeing that other dude... I'm sure you can go about not being affected by this guy...

    Hey, i think you have a more accurate picture of Christianity. Unlike some people i know. :)

  • yeah...i guess..

    how about you leo....are you a christian?

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