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Blah Blah Blah

Soft Breeze
by moonlight butterfly

[You know what... sometimes I wish I could just write and write and write… until my brain drained off of all the ideas…and my heart finally becomes numb. I don’t wanna feel no more. I’m tired already… my head is always aching… I can’t seem to focus on one thing… I am so lost…]

I wonder how it all began
We were strangers back then, and still
I never thought I would feel like this
Such a feeling I never thought I’m still capable of
After the many years of crying
When some lunatic broke my heart
And just a simple hello from you, stranger
You brought the broken pieces back
And it seemed like; you’re not a stranger to me after all
I tell you things I never thought I would tell anyone
My heart beams with joy every time you are around
Just by knowing you, I came back to life
From the tempest I never thought I would have surpassed
Every moment I spend with you is a lifetime of bliss
The flowers are all in bloom
I never saw the sky so clear
Or the stars so bright
Since you walked into my life
I am all the more surprised that the little day-to-day talk we share
Brought about a tremendous change in me
That I would ever get to know how to smile again…
I never felt my heart beats so fast every time you call my name
Or my soul quivers each time you show perfect care
And after a long time, finally, and again
I can’t believe myself but I think I have fallen for you
I think I’m in love with you
I love you…
But stranger, now, where are you?
Now that I need you
Now that I long to share the laughter with you
The happy moments of my life only with you…
And right when one is the loneliness number
During my saddest moments that I long for your warm embrace to comfort me
Have you gone out of my life completely?
Did you leave me too just as what he did to me before?
And so, shall I ask God the same question again…
Why do I always fall for the wrong person?
Why do I love someone…who is not meant for me after all…?
Just as when I longed for someone to stay…
You left me like the soft breeze one evening
It was only yesterday that we exchanged hellos and now
…not even a goodbye.

[Now that I’ve sighed all up…. I feel much relieved…=)…]


  • yup...i absolutely know the feeling, sometimes I even ask God if it's in my destiny to be left alone by the people I find I care the most about...it sucks but then may be...who knows?

  • someone post this article as hers, plis check this out [http://nemoworld.blogspot.com/] and scroll down

    peace, ceret!

  • thanks for the info ceret...

    gah! i hate whoever he/she is who stole my articles and works!!!!

    those were my ideas!!! how could s/he claim those as hers and post it in his/her blog!! and it was not only one, mind you... but a couple or i guess more than that!

  • hihi, lumalabas ang pagiging mahina ko sa english (",) ndi naman, 2 naman, start pa lang ng story e nasabi mo na agad na boring.. hehe hintayin ko ung mga susunod na parts.. gud luck

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