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The Roots of Love ~ a poem

The Roots of Love
by moonlight butterfly

Ever since I was that small
You’ve always been the roots for me
You taught me how to stand upright
That’s why I’ve always held on you tight

And while I grow up you become
The guiding light that shows the way
And when I get lost in the woods
You would grab my arms and lead me through

Before, I never even realized you were there
I thought that everyone was born to have the likes of you
The uncountable times of sacrifices
The unconditional love I took for granted

And now I know how important you are
As I see the creases on your face
A product of never-ending years of hard work
And smile to hide the pain

My only wish for you my parents
That you be all in good health
So you would never have to leave me
Through my ups and downs you will see me

I have always hoped for happiness
For good things I could bestow upon you
But I realized then there’s not a thing
That could replace your magical deeds

For the years to come I’ll then be your roots
Not to help you stand upright but
To hold on, for you had withstood the odds
And I want you still to carry on.

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