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I was here…and
I am here
In this room
What am I thinking?
Just when I thought I had finally figured out the purpose of my existence
Here I am, again
Lost and confused
There are a lot of roads…each leads to somewhere
But how will I ever know?
Which one to take, which one to pass by?
A ray of light shone on my face
How will I know if it was the sun?
It was the break of twilight
And I desperately need the warmth
Like a little moth easily attracted by fire
I, like a mere child, don’t know how to think at all
Grab all the opportunities I can… Carpe Diem!
Take all the chances I could
Conceive all the beauty that could possibly envelop my mind
My unconscious…my real self
Who are you in the mirror?
Staring back at me with dark, heavy, downcast eyes
Isn’t it ironic?
How easy it is to laugh and cry
But to feel nothing…is to feel everything.
I hate it! I hate it!
Who am I?
Inside this mischievous grin
Inside this fancy apparel
Inside this shell of mortality
Behind the cascade of clear waters
The tormented Psyche…
I hate it! I hate it!
I couldn’t reach out my hand
To touch you, to feel you…
I can’t hear my cries
I can see no one out there
Comforting hands that held me once
Soft shoulder to weigh my tears
Eyes that see beyond what is there in me to see
Don’t go…
To lose you again is like losing
…all that was left in me.


  • I have read alot of your works,and i can't stop thinking "What a beautiful mind". I then look at your photograph, and think "uuummm,I bet you have also got a beautiful(?) temper as well". But! what the heck, when somebody can write such Wonderful things ,does that really matter.I'm English,and old enough to be your dad(which is quite depressing really),wishing i was 20 years younger,and lived half mile down the road from you.Hey Ho.
    Keep up the writing.I really can't remember when i have read such Beautiful sentiments.
    All the Peace,Love, to you.


    ps There is no reason to be afraid of the "Ye Olde One Eyed Trouser Snake" by the way.Keep to your Beliefs, and Nature will take it's course, and before long you will wonder what all the fuss was about.
    Peace be with you.

  • uhmm.... and can i know who has been stalking my blog..? hehe... ---> 'a voice'

    anyway, thanks for the nice comments and all those compliments...i really dont think that im that good myself even if a lot of people say so... but still, i know there still are other things that i could improve on...well, regarding my works and, i guess my life as well.Ü

  • Have a look at "Thoughts"

  • i can't.... i don't have your authorization to view it....i don't know the password...=(

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