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Talk about...DEATH

I was one of those people, let say, who had dealt with death for an awful lot of times. When I was still a little girl, I had this measles, my parents told me it was terrible that they thought I almost gonna die then. Back in grade school, I accidentally hit my head on the ground due to a game of jumping rope and I lost a lot of blood. And during in my high school days…well…the moment I never thought would ever come in my life. Someone, for no reasonable explanations…aimed a gun at me. And to think how close he is to my heart, one of those people I truly respect and honor and love…and now, I fear. Not that he has grown cruel to me…Sometimes he just doesn’t understands me. He was furious then, I heard screams from people around me… I was not actually thinking of myself that moment. Unbelievably…I didn’t even feel scared or anything. I was even more worried about him, the person who tried to kill me, and all the people around me.
It’s okay if I die… I don’t feel anything right now. They need him more than they need me… if it’s my time already, then so be it.
And just when I thought he’s gonna pull the trigger…he didn’t.

And then there are moments that the bus I’m riding home with will crash into another…but it was nothing serious.

You see, death is unpredictable. We never know when the final calling will come so we must be prepared for it.

Why are we afraid of DEATH?

It is not death that we are actually afraid of – it’s the fear of the unknown. Most of us have no idea what happens after the last breath ran out of us…of where we’ll go or where we’re going to be. Who knows anyway? So we try to find an assurance…where? To the promises of eternal life after death by some religions. Because we want to suppress that fear of being lost, of being unsafe, of lack of certainty in this world.
I remember what my professor in Humanities (oh I’m beginning to love her now!) told us:
“When a loved one died…do you mourn for him/her or do you mourn for yourself?”

Somehow she’s right. We cry, we grieve for the loss…but what were we thinking??

Oh, my beloved! Why did you leave me? Why did you have to die? Why did this have to happen? What would have become of me now? I cannot live without you…”

See, we only think of ourselves. We cry because we are left here…left still in this world as vulnerable and confused puny little mortals. =^-^=

To tell you the truth, to cry for the loss of someone so dear to you is an act of selfishness. Not that I’m already numb or insensitive whatsoever. But because ‘till that very last minute…we don’t want to let go of him/her. Funny how it may sound but… we don’t own him/her. The Lord just lent them to us, to be a part of our lives, to teach us of the lessons we need to learn, to help us in the battles we need to win…for us not to feel alone in this world!

We don’t own them so we don’t have the right to hold them so tight.

“Like a bird always eager to fly; so are humans always eager to venture the world – himself” -anne

Though I have not yet experienced losing someone I love so much in my life…not yet – and I hope not….not until I’m ready for it.

I hope that people won’t fear death anymore and that everyone will be able to accept the fact that death is just a matter of being complete…

In what sense? It’s an indicator that you have finally fulfilled your mission in this world, you have finally figured out the purpose of your existence and that you are worthy enough now to be born again and be with our Lord.

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