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Here i go again... what was i thinking??

by moonlight butterfly

I still remember the time when we were together…
The time when I was just right beside you
And I get to look straight into your eyes
Those times when we will laugh together
And time seems to come into a stop
And we never realized that we are still in this world
But some place where everything was great
I can’t forget the moments we had together
The songs we sang together
The people who doubted us…and made us stronger
I can’t even recall a single moment that we quarrel
And that we lose faith in each other
But then…
Why did it have to end so soon?
The wonderful times…
And now I don’t know what to do.
I hated the thought of losing you
And such thought didn’t even cross my mind
But now, you’re gone
And I was too late to beg you not to leave
I was too late to show you how I really feel
I was too scared that I overlooked the fact that…
We could have made it through
If I had only been brave enough
To express my emotions
Such details you had long awaited from me
I am here stuck with all these feelings of regrets
Loneliness…and despair
If only I had been strong…


  • You don't know if u made a mistake. There's no point in living in the past, just look to the future. But only you can make the future happen.

  • Hi...
    First: That was really nice
    Second: Thanx alot 4 ur offerin' 2 help within my blog, u did ur best, and this is more than enough 2 me
    Third: I am sure I read about it - not the poet, the problem I mean - in ur blog before, but when u consider knowing a friend problem it totally differs than just reading a problem posted in a blog u like 2 visit, I hope u understand me...
    I'm gonna read it once again, then we talk about it 2gether.
    I'm happy I do have a friend right now, hope u consider me a friend 2 ;)

    Thanx friend 4 carin' anyway ;)

  • this is wonderful....

    thanks Leo, that was nice to hear...i hope it's that easy to do as much as how easy it is to say...

    thanks Haitham... of course, I'd be grateful to be your friend. :)

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