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It’s over
I just did what I think is best
And this is what he wanted
How come I’m not happy?

I packed his things and he left
Yet, he never looked back
I wonder where the tears come from
Why am I not happy?

I let him go
I set him free
And this is what he wanted
How can I be happy?

Walking back home
There’s only one pair of footsteps
Shall I turn to where he is going?
And then would I be happy?

I think I did what’s best
Stab of pain crushed me into pieces
Knowing he will never come back
And I’ll no longer be happy…

Why didn’t he ask?
Why didn’t he care?
And he never tried to get things back
How I hope to be happy…

Now I know I won’t
For having him is what happiness means to me
If I asked him not to leave, will he stay?
‘Coz how I wanted to be happy.

- moonlight butterfly


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